George Lott's Air Force
1922 - 1959
Air Vice Marshal George Lott, CB, CBE, DSO, DFC
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A previously unseen autobiographical account following the career of Air Vice Marshal George Lott, CB, CBE, DSO, DFC who started out as a boy mechanic with the Royal Air Force in 1922 rising through the ranks until his retirement in 1959. This eBook provides a frank, rare insight in to the life and work of a man committed to his duty as an RAF Junior, Pilot, Squadron Leader and Senior Officer along with a glimpse in to the people, places, comrades and heroes that he encountered along his journey to the rank of Air Vice Marshal.

His career saw him taking flight as pilot of 81 different aircraft including the Hurricane which he flew as Squadron Leader of 43 Squadron during World War Two (WWII).

George Lott's Air Force 1922 - 1959, written by George Lott. The manuscript was discovered after his death in 1989, not a word has been changed.

“I began at the bottom and finished near the top, and I enjoyed it all. I do not think that I could have done better in any other walk of life, and I would do it all over again. Maybe, in the light of hindsight I’d do it differently. For one thing, I would try not to get so personally identified with each job, and to delegate more. But I would still have to do my best. I still feel mortified at my carelessness in not having my goggles down on that fateful day in July 1940.” - George Lott.

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Introduction By
Sqn Ldr David Lott Ret'd

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